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Dont get caught with your Digital pants down. What happens on your pc should stay on your PC. If you value your PC privacy then One Click Privacy is the only tool you should be using. Run a free scan now and prepare to be shocked at the amount of personal data the tool can find
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Internet Privacy Safely clean all Internet activities and history: Your computer records everything you do using internet. Erase all evidences in just one click and be on safer side always.
Casshed password Securely erase cached passwords and credit card info: Don’t leave anything open on the web. Delete all your passwords and credit card info which get stored during you surf on the internet.
Instant messaging, voice over internet Clean Instant messaging, VOIP, and P2P application logs: Remove your evidences from all the messengers you use for chatting and other purposes and erase all logs at just one click.
media player record Safely delete all major media player records: Delete what you see and what you listen on your media players and don’t get caught with your digital pants down.
Searcf Engine Queries Remove search engine queries: You always use search engines for searching your requirements but you must be aware that all your searches are automatically stored on your computer. Delete all those and leave no evidence.
Recent Opened  Software and email Safely Erase your daily activity logs: Remove all fingerprints you leave on your computer while doing daily tasks such as recently opened software and Email applications.
increase pc speed, improve performance and free scan your pc for fixing errors at one click and much more.

One Click Privacy - Ultimate In Providing User Privacy!