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Internet Junk Cleaner

Temporary browsing data, cache, cookies, and other leftover files and logs not only create privacy concern as they might be used by hackers to break into your PC, but may also lead to browser crashes, hangs, and error messages. One Click Privacy securely removes all temporary browsing data to give you 100% online and offline security.

Junk Cleaner

Utilize every bit of your computer’s disk space to store files that matter the most to you. One Click Privacy helps you free up disk space by safely removing junk files such as Windows logs, temporary files, browser cache files, session logs, and data leftover by applications you run on your system.

File Shredder

Did you know? When you delete a file, only its physical address is deleted. The file will still be there somewhere on your hard disk and can be easily recovered. As such; it can hurt your privacy to no end! One Click Privacy’s File Shredder is a hybrid tool to help you delete sensitive files completely from your hard disk so that they can’t be ever retrieved by any data recovery tool.

Manage Schedule

It’s easy to configure One Click Privacy to launch and work automatically to protect your computer against malware and other potential threats at a time that's most convenient for you. The option to configure One Click Privacy for an auto scan at your preferred timing is available under the program’s Settings menu.

Card Security

Most online transaction gateways (shopping carts) save your credit or debit card number when you purchase their product or service online. While the info is securely stored by the payment gateway (like PayPal) itself, it might be stolen by someone in-between. It can sure be disastrous; that’s where One Click Privacy can come handy by securely removing the stored info.

Media Player Records

One Click Privacy comes with advanced media app cleaner to help you safely delete stored playlists that you no longer listen to and several other types of media player records to make your media player fast and more organized. Do not worry, your songs will still be there on your device and just the playlist will be removed to clean up, speed up, and optimize your app.

Take charge of your online and offline privacy:
  • Streamline your online and offline privacy
  • Accentuate your browsing experience
  • Delete unwanted files permanently
  • Clear media player records and stored playlists
  • Remove messaging records and chats logs
  • Free up disk space
  • Delete Internet tracks and download logs
  • Securely erase stored Credit Card & Banking details
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