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One solution to keep pace with your changing needs.
Internet Junk Cleaner
Now surf the web with total peace of mind. Temporary browsing data, cache, cookies, and other remnants not only post a massive privacy concern, but may also result in browser crashes and error messages when surfing the web. One Click Privacy securely removes all unwanted and temporary browsing data to protect user privacy.
Junk Cleaner
Use every bit of disk space to store files that matter the most in your life. One Click Privacy quickly and easily restores disk space by securely deleting junk files, including Windows logs, temporary files, and data leftover by applications you run on your computer.
File Shredder
When you delete a file, only its physical address is removed. The file continues to exist somewhere on your hard drive and can be easily recovered. Needless to say; it can hurt your privacy big time! File Shredder is a hybrid tool to address this concern. You can use File Shredder's secure erasure method to delete sensitive files from your PC, making sure they can never be recovered by any existing technology.
Manage Schedule
Configure One Click Privacy to launch and work automatically at a time that's most convenient for you.
The all-in-one PC privacy and security solution:
  • Secure your privacy
  • Enhance browsing experience
  • Delete sensitive files permanently
  • Clear media player records and stored playlists
  • Remove chat logs and messaging records
  • Free up valuable disk space
  • Delete download logs and Internet tracks
  • Securely erase Credit Card & Banking details
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